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? >> you know, david, when we talk about the election, i don't think it mattered whether it was obama or romney because, remember, the eve after the election, after obama had already been declared the winner, futures were up, and then about five o'clock central time, the morning, we got that news coming out of europe, groggy, that maybe this con they onin europe was now heading towards germany. david: scott, scott, stop there. you say the 400 points from the markets the two days after the election had nothing to do with the election? >> some of it did, but i'm telling you, much of the momentum on wednesday morning was due to the news out of europe, and last day or two is just a follow-through. now, to date, disappointing we couldn't hold the rally? absolutely. i tell you the traders down here behind me issue everybody is flat, and everyone now believes the next move is going to be back up. at least there's talk now between both sides in congress, between both sides, there's talk. is something going to happen over the next week? probably not, but at least the guys are getting together
them, it will be highly volatile between now and then. president obama came out and told us they got a solution, but how many times has the politician stretched the truth little bit? the price of a solution is being cooked into the cake in the stock market, and if it does not come to truth, or if it disappoints, i can see a severe drop to negative. david: you are saying the next four months or so because of the uncertainty, you have to keep your holdings safe and put a lot of it in cash. where are the safe stock bets right now? >> one quick point on the fiscal cliff, one spot that could be hit is invisible bonds. one thing we have paid attention to is not just whether or not the fiscal cliff is dealt with, it is also what actual changes are made. while obama said there's a potential for reaching a conclusion, there are no politicians in washington right now, this is where you want to be more defensive with your equity plays. staples has had a correction, looking for some companies with good, strong dividend growth. that is where you want to place your money during volatile times. lau
coal. there was a runup in coal thinking romney had a chance to beat president obama because he was for coal. you're still for arch coal although romney lost? >> yeah. the reason the coal stocks are down there's a con fliewns -- confluenec of things. there's a slowing in china and unbelievably second or third devra deviation winter that was worm. the administration is trying to shake down the coal companies and go clean energy. the reality is the way the power grid is set up, you can't do it overnight. it's going to take years and years to wean us off coal. in the meantime, the iea, 70% and 08% of -- 80% in the market will grow. they put coal in. >> right. ron. i know you like proctor and gamble, but let's talk about where you think, quickly, the s&p's going to end the year off? up today, a great day. where do we finish on december 31st? >> well, if the cliff -- i figure down 15%, if we go over the cliff, if we put a patch in, our best guess, looking at 5% or 10% higher at the end of the year, but then there's risk. if we're over the cliff, there's opportunity after we drop. it
president obama has to move to the middle and let republicans save a little face and at the end of the day come up with some agreement at a resembles simpson-bowles. stuart: to the president just won and election by staying on the left. >> the argument is he is concerned with his legacy. if you wants to push that line, this term is not going to be one you want to remember in a positive way. he is not running for reelection. what is good for the country, to the middle, and -- liz: if the market is moving on congressional ineptitude as my guest in the last hour called it, why not be an investor who looks at real fundamentals at this point, buying good quality stocks that dropped because of the gyration. >> that is what you are seeing. earlier this week we found important s&p 500 at the 200 day moving average at 1382 or 83 area, you see that debt buying, looks like what we are going to see is economic growth continued stimulus and interest-rate repression which means one of the only game in town for investors is the equity market and that is driving things now. liz: we saw the ten year yields
. the stock is definitely moving on that news. david: thank you very much. liz: president obama visiting s.i. to do a site survey of the message damage caused by superstar sandy. he says he is committed to seeing the rebuilding of new york. david: another area still hurting from the devastation of the storm is in queens, new york elizabeth mcdowell is there with a look at what all this destruction has created. >> reporter: that's right. this is normally a beach community. abbey's area, jacob riis park, but the parking lot has been turned into a temporary landfill now stretching one-and-a-half miles. and just within the last ten minutes i'm telling you, about 15 dump trucks including 80 wheeler's pulled up. you're going to see off in the distance, these piles have grown throughout the day to reaching almost three stories high. basically this landfill will take about 400,000 tons of 11 or 12 pounds and -- towns in the community, business districts, whole neighborhoods, and that 400,000 tons is about the size of the weight of the u.s. space station according to a new york official. and so the
obama says quote-too import for washington to screw this up about what they do? bill harris, the ceo of into it and paypal tells us how to protect yourself before the year ends. liz: the ceo and president of the national federation of independent business, read smaller business. his pleas to congress to lower tax rates on business income, you hear about the big ceo writing letters to congress and the president, his group wrote a letter and are ready to make noise. we will tell you what drove the market in today's data download. stocks rebounded after falling triple digits in the first hour of trade, hints of a potential debt deal end, more quantitative easing, pushed all the way into the green. the wall street journal about 21 minutes ago running a story about the federal reserve, q e 4 will be announced december 12th. the dow, andy and nasdaq end trading day near session highs. all ten sectors higher for the first time in two months. consumer discretionary and energy were the top performers. you helped crude oil falling for the third straight day dropping to its lowest level in a we
. that is the sad thing to happen. liz: never a good time to lose a job. president obama on the road pushing his fiscal plan to raise taxes on the top 2% and spend $50 billion on infrastructure. dave: the opening visit not well-received by gm be leaders, the senate demand represents a step backwards because it is twice as much in tax increases as expected. peter barnes is in washington d.c. with the details and not much movement on the cutting of spending either. peter: president obama and john boehner in front of cameras to make their cases in the battle over the fiscal cliff. the speaker said he is willing to move forward with negotiations in good faith after republicans rejected the president's first formal offer yesterday as being short on spending cuts, but it doesn't sound like anyone has put the brakes on the road to the coin. >> let's not kid ourselves. i am not trying to make this more difficult. i have been very guarded. i don't want to make it harder for me or the president or members of both parties to find common ground. >> this is not some run-of-the-mill debate, not about which po
, d.c. how do you cast that election. >> sandy carve ad path in states mostly decided president obama is well ahead in connecticut, new jersey and. some officials say sandy interrupted absentee voting in number of place although the state says there will be no problems on election day. ohio polling is in margin of error and there are pouter outages. election officials say there is currently power at all voting locations. they say early voting is moving smoothly. both candidates are in the buckeye states state with a full day of campaigning today. >> got anxious and attacking me day in and day out. attacking me does not create an dend today for him. we have a plan to get the economy going. >> what the governor is offering sure ain't changed. giving more power back to the biggest banks isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. another five trillion dollar tax cut that favors the wealthy isn't change. >> they are pitching their closing arguments for president obama, a theme of economic progress and that he needs more time to finish the job. for governor romney
. [laughter] good work. all right, well, president obama is meeting with small business leaders today to garner support for his plan to deal with the debt. this following a meeting yesterday with the white house officials and small business owners. one entrepreneur in attendance was carol coughlin, she is founder of bottom line growth strategies, and she joins us now. what does your company do? >> well, we are growth advisers. we work with growing companies in the mid atlantic area to provide, to help them grow profitably and sustainably. david: okay. and the fact is because you've got a lot of offices around washington, there has been growth there even though the general economy is growing at anemic levels. how did the white house find you? how did their folks find you? >> i believe they were looking for businesses in the area that were growing or that were in the news, and that's how they found me. david: okay. did you meet with the president or not? >> we did not. we met with a number of advisers at the white house. david: for example? >> um, business outreach group, immigration, h
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9